Women's Stockings

  • Over the Calf White Socks

    This type our over the calf white socks are the very classic one. They look very simple in style, but we believe “ The simpler, The more classic”. The design with some lines match white body of the socks let you feel free and casual. -- Not only white, but the other colors...
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  • Socks for Ladies

    This socks for ladies have used colorful colors which make the socks more lively and fun. When you wear this sock in the morning, you will feel energetic and pleasant to face the whole day’ work. This socks are made of cotton and small amount of polyester so that it will...
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  • Over the Knee Warm Socks

    Over the knee warm socks are made of high-elastic fabric and fits perfectly into your leg. It feels very comfortable and very soft so that can avoid your foot from friction and damage. Over the knee warm socks have high-elastic and long leg to keep warm in winter. You will be...
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  • Smartwool Over the Knee Socks

    Smartwool over the knee socks in a gray colour feel exquisite against your skin. As well as helping warm your feet up, they also bring some cool relief when needed. These wool socks are breathable and release moisture back into the air, meaning smelly, sweaty feet are a thing...
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  • Black Over the Knee Socks

    There are two pentagrams on the black over the knee socks and bring a sense of youth and fashion to this socks. The black color have a feeling of mature and mysterious and complement the sense of youth, which is really a perfect combination. Black over the knee socks are made...
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  • Thick Thigh High Socks

    The thick thigh high socks are the longest of all our women socks. It will certainly keep your legs and feet warm in cold winter. And it is made up of some red and white stripes and stars which make the patterns of the black socks look very bright. Its materials feel so soft...
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  • Thigh High Socks for Winter

    This thigh high socks are specially made for keeping warm when you go out in winter. It is popular among young people because it can help you stay a very good body shape even in cold days. It is made of high quality wool and very comfortable when you touch it. We factory have...
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  • Suppoprt Stockings for Women

    Support stockings for women are some kind of specially thickened to protect your feet and legs from friction caused by walking. And it mainly use merino wool to achieve this protective function. This socks have good skin-friendly properties and hygroscopicity. It will give...
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  • Personalised Stockings

    This personalized stockings are mainly used of polyester to produce. This kind of materials have good high strength and elastic recovery. Therefore, it is durable, wrinkle-free and non-iron. We used jacquard technology on the surface of the personalized stockings and there...
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  • Silk Stockings

    Our silk stockings have sexy lace patterned bands at top to give you the coverage, comfort, and look you want. Made of nylon and spandex. Patterned elastic band at top of thigh high has silicone gripper elastic on inner edge for hold. Sheer legs for great color and coverage....
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  • Fishnet Stockings

    We carefully select nylon as raw material to produce this fishnet stocking and it is skin-friendly, comfortable to wear. The stocking has a cryptic design on the toes, so it is very durable and not worn easily even if you wear it many times. In addition, the body has a...
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  • Lace Stockings

    The lace stockings are made of spandex, also the materials can be adjusted upon customer requests. We recommend it to you because that it is slim, comfortable and high quality soft handfeeling snagging resistant. It is very suitable for wearing with leather shoes and dresses....
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