Women's Socks Different Texture Classification
Nov 26, 2018

Wool socks

The use of wool as a material for making socks is the most popular of all kinds of natural fiber materials. The socks made of wool are very comfortable and warm, and the wool has a certain cushioning property. Even if the fabric is wet, it can maintain a certain temperature.

Synthetic insulation fabric

Research shows have shown that the fabrics produced by hand are also very good in warmth, almost the same as natural wool, and the artificially made fabric and the skin feel softer and more comfortable. More natural fabrics are quicker and more resistant to wear.

Silk cloth

This material is a natural insulating fabric with a comfortable upper foot and a light weight. One thing to note is that this material is not resistant to wear and is therefore often used in blends with other fabrics to make inner socks.

Cotton fabric

Normally, 100% cotton fabric is generally not used to make socks for outdoor sports. Because it is easy to sweat when exercising, and the cotton material absorbs sweat better, but it is not easy to dry.

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