Why Do You Have To Wear Football Socks When Playing Football
Jan 04, 2019

Many people think that football socks are not as important as sneakers. when you buy football shoes will make you dazzled because its variety of colors, styles and features. Compared with the socks we usually wear, the football socks are like "long-length cotton socks." There is no need to wear professional football socks, and just wear a pair of common ankle socks. Please don't underestimate the role of football socks, playing the football game with professional socks has a lot of benefits indeed. 


Why is there a production of football socks?

The first time you wear football socks, you will definitely feel very tight and very difficult to wear. Because the biggest purpose is to fix the leg shield on the front side of the calf when designing the ball socks. In addition, the current football field is usually divided into natural turf pitch and artificial turf pitch, but dozens of years ago, the game site basically used natural grass, so football socks with long cuff can prevent mosquito bites. 


Not wearing football socks in football is very dangerous. If the player are not wear it during the game, the player's calf muscles cannot be tightened, and it is very prone to strain. The fight in the football match is very frequent. If there is no protection from the football socks, the calf will be easily smeared with the ground, maybe cause bleeding or bacterial infection. There is even a sock for adding a foot protector to prevent the opponent from stepping on. The position of the football socks at the bottom of the foot will generally be thickened. In this way, when suddenly turn to another direction or emergency stop and the speed is changed,  the bottom of the foot is rubbed against the sole, blisters are less likely to occur.

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