What's The Difference Between Compression Stockings And Slimming Legging?
Mar 04, 2019

Nowadays compression stockings and slimming legging are becoming more and more popular among young ladies. However, there are some differences between compression stockings and slimming legging, and now we are going to talk about it.

1. the difference in functions


In general, compression stockings are used to treat various venous diseases, while slimming leggings are used to make the legs look more beautiful. 


2. the difference in materials

The compression stockings are made of special materials which are very elastic. Most of the slimming leggings are made of nylon to achieve a tight-fitting shape. Compared to compression socks, the price of slimming leggings will be much cheaper.

3. the different in classification

The general compression stockings are mainly divided into three levels according to the pressure unit, and then used for different patients depends on their conditions. While the slimming leggings are normally marked with numbers like 180D, 240D, the larger the number is, the greater the pressure is.


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