Typical Case Of New Urbanization
Jan 04, 2019

High quality development of Zhuji City's socks town

Recently, the Organization Department of the Central Committee and the National Development and Reform Commission jointly organized a mayor training class about new urbanization at the Central Party School (National School of Administration). The typical cases of new urbanization in six regions of Zhejiang province was copied and popularized. High quality development of Zhuji City's socks town is included.


Since establishment, Zhuji Socks Town has positioned itself to become the unique town in the world with sock as a totem, and has been striving to become the world's most advanced sock manufacturing center, the world's top hosiery cultural center, and the world's only hosiery destination. Since its founding three years ago, the annual output value of new products in small towns has increased by more than 20% annually, the output value of high-tech industries has increased by more than 30% annually, and the annual tax revenue has increased by 30% annually. In 2016, Zhuji Socks Town was awarded the industry benchmark town of Zhejiang Province. In August 2018, it was officially named as a special town in Zhejiang Province.


The construction of special town was put on the integration and transformation of “industry and city, economy and humanity, resource and environment” since establishment. The special town fully implements the strategy of “reconstruct socks industry and reshape the Datang”, continuously promotes the adjustment of industrial development structure and growth of power structure, and highlights smart equipment manufacturing, new raw material research and development, creative design, brand marketing, etc. Datang town actively plans urban design featuring "Datang Culture" and "Socks Culture", coordinate the promotion of a number of projects that integrate industrial functions, cultural landscapes and other functions, and strives to create the unique town in the world with socks as a totem.


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