The Fourth Cross-strait Textile Science And Technology Exchange Council Is Held
Dec 25, 2018

Sponsored by the Cross-Strait Textile Science and Technology Exchange Council, Taiwan Industrial Textiles Association, and the Taiwan Textile Industry Comprehensive Research Institute, the fourth Cross-Strait Textile Science and Technology Exchange Council and 2018 functional Fiber and Textiles Development Forum, hosted by Qingdao University, was held in Qingdao from November 16 to 19. More than 60 people from the Cross-Strait Textile Science and Technology Exchange Council, representatives of governing units and industry experts, and representatives of enterprises from all over the country attended the meeting.

At the opening ceremony, Xia Dongwei, headmaster of Qingdao University, expressed his welcome and gratitude to the experts and scholars from both sides of Taiwan Strait, and introduced the overall situation, faculty, discipline construction and scientific research of his school. He pointed out that the school will make full use of the good platform set up by the conference, strengthen communication and dialogue, closely exchange and cooperate, condense wisdom to accelerate the development of cross-strait textile discipline construction and textile industry.


Cross-strait Textile Science and Technology Exchange Council  

After the opening ceremony, the reports titled “Halogen-free flame retardant research on fibers and textiles”, “Development status and trend of functional fiber and functional textiles in Taiwan”, “Joint construction, sharing and mutual benefits, Create a National Integrated Innovation platform for Textile and Garment Industry” were reported. During the meeting, delegates exchanged ideas on the development of functional fibers and textiles, and went to Textile Valley to visit Qingdao Textile Museum, National Fabrics Pavilion, etc. The meeting decided that the 12th Cross-Strait Textile Technology Seminar will be held in Qingdao from April 19 to 23, 2019, and will be hosted by Qingdao University.

Cross-Strait Textile Technology Seminar began in 2007, and the Cross-Strait Textile Technology Exchange Council began in 2015. The seminar has been held for 11 sessions so far. Since the beginning of the conference, it has promoted the communication and exchanges between the textile universities, the research institutes and enterprises engaged in the research and production of fiber, textile, dyeing, clothing, non-woven fabrics and dyeing chemicals. It has also played a leading and promoting role in the construction of textile disciplines on both sides of the strait and the development of the textile industry


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