The First Price Increase Of This Year Begins! The Textile Printing And Dyeing Industry Is Going To Pick Up?
Mar 06, 2019

The year of the Dog has passed, and comes the year of the Pig. People in textile industry are expecting the industry to get better in the new year. As people expect, the prices of dyeing fees, disperse dyes and raw materials rose after the new year started.

The price of dyeing fees rose:

   While most textile enterprises are still busy recruiting workers, printing and dyeing plants in Fuzhou, Fujian province, have pre-empted and released the news of the increase in dyeing fees. This means the expected increase in dyeing fees before the Spring Festival becomes a reality.

   The reason for the adjustment of the dyeing fees in Fuzhou, Fujian Province is that the cost of dyes and workers’ wages has risen sharply in recent years. The enterprises have to increase the price of dyeing fees in this new year so as to release the burden.


The price of disperse dyes rose:

On February 5, 2017, the price of disperse dyes rose. The mainstream factory price of disperse black ECT300% rose to 26 yuan / kg, an increase of 13%. However, on February 12, 2019, it rose to 26 yuan / kg, an increase of 73% in just two years.


The price of raw materials rose:

In the beginning of 2019, the prices of raw materials began to rise, which made an auspicious start to the new year. As of February 12, the price of Jiangsu and Zhejiang POY150D is 8540 yuan / ton, DTY150D is 10300 yuan / ton, FDY150D is 9460 yuan / ton, an increase of 4%-5% than that of the beginning of January. It is expected that this price will have some room for growth in February.


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