The 4th Council Of The 6th Session Of China Knitti
Jan 04, 2019

Industrial Association was held successfully

On November 29th, the 4th Council of the China Knitting Industrial Association, the 7th Enlarged Meeting of Executive Directors and the Datang Socks High Quality Development Forum were held in Zhuji City, Zhejiang Province. Zhao Hong, vice president of China Knitting Industrial Association, presided over the meeting. Over 300 people attended the meeting, including leaders and guests from knitting industry all over the country and media.



At the meeting, president Yang Jichao made a report on "Strengthening Confidence and Seeking Common Development". The report shows the overall stable operation of the knitting industry in the first three quarters of 2018. The participating industry experts analyzed the domestic and international economic situation one by one, discussed the path of the high quality development of Datang socks industry, and exchanged the innovation and practice of the sustainable development of China's textile industry.


He Jianhua, former vice president and researcher of Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, and Qian Handong, a famous scholar and professor, made a presentation on the 30th Anniversary of Datang Town in the conference. He Jianhua pointed out that Datang has cultivated the unique competitiveness of Datang socks industry. In the future, Datang Town should base itself on the overall requirements of rural revitalization in the new era, strive to build the core competitiveness, take the industrial prosperity as the guide, endeavor to maintain the peak position in the world socks industry, and fully carry forward the "Datang spirit". 

Zhu Hongwei, deputy mayor of Zhuji Municipal People's Government, also mentioned in his speech that Datang Town is the international stocking capital and the first characteristic town in Zhejiang Province. Over the years, with the high attention and strong support of the China Knitting Industrial Association, Datang has embarked on a road of innovation in the town of Socks, with more than 320 socks enterprises. Datang Socks industry has also become the leading industry and enriching industry of Zhuji city.

In addition, the awarding ceremony of the China Knitting Industrial Association Socks R&D Center and Socks Professional Committee Secretariat, the signing ceremony of high-tech R&D and innovation strategic cooperation and co-construction of China Datang Socks Academy, the awarding ceremony of the knitting fashion design consultant of China Knitting Industrial Association were held at the meeting.




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