Socks Are Also Healthy: The Harm Of Choosing The Wrong Socks
Nov 26, 2018

Socks are worn every day, but few people will notice it. As everyone knows, choosing the wrong socks will also bring harm to our health.

It is said that the foot is the second heart of man. For the health of your feet, a pair of good socks and a pair of good shoes are just as important. The latest article in the US "Yue Ji" magazine pointed out that there are three cases, indicating that your socks should be eliminated.

1.  Lose elasticity

If the socks lose their elasticity, they will increase the friction with the feet. When walking or exercising, they will not stick their feet. If they sweat and slide, they will be easily injured.

2. The heel is thin and there are holes

When the socks are worn for a long time, they will inevitably become thinner, and accidentally can cause the heel to be injured or foamed.

3. Not comfortable to wear

When the feet are tight, itchy, and obvious discomfort, it means that the socks are "retired".

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