Popularizing Socks Knowledge, The First Sock Culture Museum In Beijing Was Completed
Nov 26, 2018

Beijing Risheng Socks Culture Museum has five exhibition areas: History Hall, Science and Technology Museum, Experience Hall, Future Hall and Heart Hall. It exhibits thousands of artifacts, documents, pictures, and restorations related to socks in ancient and modern China and abroad. The Science Museum displays the raw materials, machinery and production technology of socks, and introduces the dressing etiquette, color schemes and fashion trends related to socks, so that the sock culture leads the fashion and enters life.

The experience area uses virtual reality display means to let visitors know about the collection of socks in daily life, washing and drying and other common sense. The Future Pavilion will make a scientific and forward-looking outlook on the development trend of socks. The various high-tech materials and high-tech socks produced in the exhibition will be colorful.

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