Novel Trends - Socks Wear
Nov 26, 2018

Plain stockings. If it is a job that does not have a rigid requirement for the dress, it is recommended to choose more colors. Color socks and suits are both professional and young, suitable for both young and old. British men love to wear red socks, wearing a suit on the surface to yield to the social rules, secretly wearing red socks to show rebellion.

Stuffed jacquard socks. There are not many men who have the courage to put on flower socks and intentionally or unintentionally to show them in front of the public, but jacquard socks are definitely the secret weapon to add highlights and enrich the overall shape! As long as you wear it, pair it with a pair of full-length stockings, and immediately show your high-quality dress! Create a more active image for yourself.

Fashion stripes. Most of the men who are biased towards casual style are jackets, casual denim jackets, and trousers with trousers and children's fun. It can instantly upgrade the dead passers-by. Walking on the street, the unique retro fashion trend attracts the attention of passers-by, showing the British style.

Ethnic elements. Booties and sneakers can be paired with some bohemian socks. It can make your daily styling instantly become exotic. It is recommended to match the color matching socks with the color of the tie, shirt or accessories!

The most important principle for men to wear socks is to focus on the overall match. However, the combination of socks can become the latest trend. Naturally, it has a reason to follow the rules. It is better to try boldly with a playful attitude. If you can incorporate your own style, It’s not a pleasure!

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