Men's Socks Matching Skills
Nov 26, 2018

Inadvertently can see the existence of socks. At this time, its color, texture and cleanliness will provide a basis for your taste.

The color of the men's socks should be a basic neutral color and deeper than the color of the trousers. The color of the men's socks matches the suit is the most fashionable and the simplest way to wear. If the suit is gray, you can choose gray socks. The navy suit should be equipped with navy blue socks; the beige suit is darker. Or brown socks.

When wearing shorts, too long socks look rustic, wear socks with a length below the calf, and try to pick a light color that is not eye-catching.

Special reminder to ensure that the length of the sock does not allow you to expose the skin of your legs when you sit down or when one leg is placed on the other. In the hands-on, socks are always the supporting role of fashion, coordinating the overall match in the unobtrusive.

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