How To Match The Socks Fashion
Dec 28, 2018

When paired with socks, the color matching principle is that the color of the socks and the upper body clothes are similar. The color of the shoes and the lower body clothes are similar. The color of the socks should be slightly lighter than the color of the shoes. Different colors can be used, which will be more harmonious. You can also choose the color that echoes your clothes. If you want to maintain the visual balance of the overall shape, you can choose to match any kind of socks with the same color, no need to worry about top-heavy.

high socks 

Do not wear socks with too high color saturation. These socks are more difficult to match than blood red, fluorescent green, pink, bright blue, etc., carefully selected, if you want to choose, you should echo the color of the clothes.



White and black socks must be available. A single common model can wear a mix and match effect, and the black pantyhose is a versatile model. The cascading method of wearing socks is easy to show short legs from the line of sight, and people who are not confident in the leg shape should not try it easily.

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