How To Hold Socks?
Dec 24, 2018

1. Ordinary socks first align the left and right socks, fold them in a third of the socks, divide them into 3 equal parts as far as possible, and then roll one of the socks around the top of the stockings and wrap them around two socks. This folding method can be neatly placed, saving space, when you wear socks will also be convenient to take.

2. Put one of the socks into another one, roll it up from the bottom, When you roll it to the stocking, use the sock to cover the rolled part.

3. Use the storage box. For example, girls will have a lot of stockings and pantyhose. This kind of boxes can be used to fold the stockings in half by the suture of the middle pants, then roll from the feet, put them up and put them into a storage box.

hold socks 

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