How To Choose Sports Socks
Dec 01, 2018

Footwear or apparels are often not given the priority they deserve. However, having a good pair of footwear and accessories is important. So, how to choose sports socks can be a problem. The following are some tips on how to choose sports socks from Zhuji setting sail knitting Co., Ltd.

Firstly, choose cotton socks. Cotton is soft, breathable, absorbent and comfortable to wear. Cotton content is better to reach more than 50%.

Secondly, the socks should be stretchy. The socks with excellent stretch can attach to your foot suitably, thus not easy to slip off. Poor-quality socks can be deformed after washing, resulting in uneven parts of the fabric and a feeling of foot rubbing during exercise.

Thirdly, decide whether to choose thin or thick socks according to specific circumstances. Generally speaking, the people who sweat easily, should choose the thicker socks; conversely, choose thinner socks. In some sports, such as badminton, too thick socks may affect the feeling of feet, so thinner socks are suitable. In addition, those with ankle injuries should wear thick socks to fix and protect your ankle.

Finally, you have to wear special socks for certain events.


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