How To Choose Sports Socks?
Nov 26, 2018

Exercise can bring pleasure to people, but some sports enthusiasts don't care much about dressing. They often find that their feet are covered with blood bubbles after a game or a training session. In addition to the shoes are not fit, the socks may be worn. Not suitable.

First, you must choose cotton.

Cotton material is soft, absorbs sweat and feels comfortable to wear. The cotton content should be more than 50%, but don't buy 100% pure cotton socks, because the pure cotton socks without elastic fibers such as Lycra are not elastic and are not suitable for sports socks.

Second, the elasticity of the socks is better.

The elastic socks are not easy to slip. Inferior socks will be deformed after washing, the fibers will agglomerate, resulting in uneven parts, and people will feel the feet during exercise. When buying socks, it depends on whether the elastic fibers of the socks are broken. If there is, you can't buy them.

Third, depending on the specific circumstances, the choice of thin or thick.

In general, people who are prone to sweating should choose a slightly thicker; otherwise, choose a thinner one. Some sports, such as badminton, socks are too thick to affect the sense of foot, so buy a thinner. In addition, if the ankle is injured, you should wear thick socks to fix and protect the ankle.

Fourth, to participate in certain projects to wear special socks.

For some highly resistant projects, you must choose a special socks. Such as football, socks have a high waist, the purpose is to protect the calf, must not be ignored in sports.

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