How To Choose Baby Socks
Jan 04, 2019

1.Don't choose thick socks for your baby

The child is in a period of vigorous physical development, and the basic metabolism is strong, and there is no need for too thick socks. The foot is the most dense place of the sweat gland. The thick socks are very poorly breathable. After walking, it is easy to cause the sweat to increase and make the baby feel uncomfortable.


Thick socks have poor air permeability and poor sweat absorption. It is easy to make your baby's feet wet, and a lot of water will squeeze out the air in the socks fiber. Due to the lack of air, such an excellent insulation, when the socks are wet, the baby's soles will be cold, and the baby's resistance will be reflected reflexively, which makes it easy to catch a cold.

In addition, too thick socks will affect the blood circulation of the feet, which is one of the main reasons why the body does not feel warm, and should be paid attention to.


2.Baby socks with a wide cuff

The baby's feet are different from the adults, the ankles are short, and the calves are very short, so too tight socks and too long socks will hold the baby's ankles and calves, affecting activity and blood circulation.

Choose a sock for your baby. The socks should be wider and properly elastic. (PS: It is advisable to extend into the two fingers of the adult after opening the sleeve at the baby's ankle.)

3.Choose cotton socks

It is also very important to choose the materials of  baby's socks. You can't buy socks with nylon, because it’s poor breathability. For the baby, the best material is cotton, which is sweat-absorbing and breathable. The choice of pure cotton socks is preferably pure cotton socks with a cotton content of more than 85%, and at least pure cotton socks with a cotton content of more than 75% should be selected.


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