How Should Men Choose Socks?
Nov 26, 2018

The first thing to look at is the composition of the socks. Everyone knows to wear cotton socks, because cotton is a soft and comfortable natural fiber, but many friends do not know, in fact, there are almost no 100% cotton socks on the market, because 100% cotton socks are not tough, can not help but wear, on the market Generally, the cotton content of more than 85% is the traditional cotton, and this specific has no fixed number, just in general.

In addition, the current cotton socks have made great progress in the weaving process. Many summer cotton socks have a mesh-like technique on the surface of the socks, which is not only more wicking and breathable, but also superior to the socks in terms of comfort.

In addition to cotton and linen men's socks, silk men's socks constitute the characteristics of high-end men's socks with elegant luster and comfort. The only fly in the ointment is that the silk is not strong and not durable.

When buying men's socks, in addition to selecting the material, you should also look at the size and tightness of the socks. The good socks should be tight, and they should be close to the various parts of the foot, each arc, and do not feel the card feet boring, the socks do not feel ribs. But it will not slip during the wearing process.

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