Ancient Socks And Etiquette
Dec 24, 2018

In ancient times, socks were worn with their own unique rules of etiquette. In the Zhou Dynasty, when the minister went to see the king, he must first take off the stockings before he can go to the church. If you are with an elder or a person who is older than yourself, you can't wear socks. Not only the socks themselves are exquisite, but the rules of the ancients wearing socks are also quite a lot. For officials, socks worn in different places are strictly regulated, and colors cannot be worn incorrectly. For example, in the Han Dynasty, red socks should be worn at important ceremonial activities in order to show their respect and heart for God. At the same time, red is a symbol of nobility and rights. Nowadays, modern people also wear red socks, because red means good luck.

In the long history, the working people not only created history, but also created the cultures. I did not expect that this little sock has so much knowledge. It is really life is full of knowledge.

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