2019, Stay Rational And Seize The Opportunity
Mar 04, 2019

  Duan Xiaoping, vice president of China National Textile And Apparel Council(CNTAC) and president of China Chemical Fibers Association(CCFA) was interviewed at the beginning of the new year. When asked about the overall operation of the industry, he said  Based on the results of the supply-side structural reform in the past years and the rising price of petroleum-based industrial chain, the overall quality of the chemical fiber industry has been better in the past two years.


When it comes to the competitive situation that the industry may face in the new year and the mentality that enterprises should hold, Duan Xiaoping said, “In 2019, the international political and economic situation remained complex and changeable, and there were still many uncertain factors in Sino-US trade frictions. The global consensus on environmental protection and sustainable development has also put forward many new requirements for the development of manufacturing industry, including the textile and chemical fiber industry. Under the influence of multiple comprehensive factors, we can not predict what kind of challenges and trouble will emerge in 2019, but in any case, the steady development of chemical fiber industry will not change fundamentally. So it is very important for enterprises to maintain rational at all times. Regarding predicaments and the challenges as fetters will lead to more problems Instead, regarding them as opportunities and taking advantage of them can help the enterprises perform better in competition and thus get greater market share.

Data show that from January to October 2018, China's chemical fiber industry completed production of 41.31 million tons, up 8.32% from the same period last year; achieved main business revenue of 661 billion yuan, up 14.18% from the same period last year; and realized total profit of 31.6 billion yuan, up 18.9% from the same period last year. The profit margin of the main business reached 4.78%, up 0.19 percentage points from the same period last year.           


The world economy will still be on the recovery track in 2019, but the risk factors facing the industry cannot be ignored, such as the contraction of liquidity caused by the increase of US dollar interest rate, the intensification of American trade protectionism. The negative impact of these risk factors on global economic growth will gradually emerge, and the global as well as China’s economic growth rate is expected to decline. At the same time, affected by changes in the external environment, the operating pressure of macro-economy in our country will increase to some extent. In this context, the internal demand of the industry to promote high-quality development is more urgent.The industry must strive to improve the production efficiency, the innovation ability and the anti-risk ability to continue so as to maintain the steady development.


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