Men's Mid Calf Socks

  • Mens Half Calf Socks

    Mens half calf socks made of high-quality cotton are subtle yet never cease to surprise you. The red and gray patterns disappear into your shoe and only reappear when you want them to. The elastic of mens half calf socks is long that the socks won’t slip off when you are...
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  • Mens Crazy Dress Socks

    Mens crazy dress socks are printed socks made from polyester. Since the patterns are printed on the socks instead of weaving, the patterns that we can use on the socks are diverse. You can put whatever you like on our mens crazy socks, such as the photo of someone, animals,...
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  • Mens Designer Socks

    Mens designer socks are typical products of our company. As we are socks factory and have our own professional socks makers, we can manufacture socks according to your ideas or you can directly make some changes on our samples. Over the years, we have focused on the...
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  • Mens Fluffy Socks

    Mens fluffy socks are made from fine, stretchy and soft microfiber. Some characteristics of microfiber fabric: fine texture, soft, no fading, no pilling, etc. The water absorption performance of microfiber socks is three times that of cotton products. Our mens fluffy socks...
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  • Mens Thick Socks

    Mens thick socks are made from wool. Fineness is an important technological characteristic to determine the quality and use value of wool fiber. Wool is mainly composed of protein with small fineness so that the yarn weaved by wool is fine. This property makes the mens thick...
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  • Mens Tube Socks

    Mens tube socks are made of cotton that are processed in a special way. The combing machine removes the shorter fibers (about 1 cm below) in the cotton fibers, keeping the longer and neat fibers, that is , combed cotton. The socks made of combed cotton have high quality...
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  • Double Cylinder Mid Calf Socks

    Double cylinder mid calf socks are made in double cylinder hosiery machine. And the ordinary socks are made in single cylinder hosiery machine. The difference is that, double cylinder hosiery machine often make socks sock with concave convex pattern and the inside and outside...
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  • Black Knee High Socks

    Black knee high socks are made from polyester. High quality elastic is used to make the welt of black knee high socks. As a result, the welt will not too tight to be make you uncomfortable or too loose to slip off. The three-dimensional heel is robust and durable. We adopt...
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  • Knee High Socks for Men

    Knee high socks for men are with colorful stripes without being loud. A clever combination of stripes ensures that mens calf height socks will go with almost anything. Although the legs of these socks are long, you do not need to worry that these knee high socks for men will...
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  • Mens White Mid Calf Socks

    Mens white mid calf socks are made of polyester. There are soft terrycloth on the sole and the ankle of the socks which can, to a great extent, perform cushion. Nets are covered on our mens white mid calf socks so that the socks are breathable. Since the pure white may be...
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  • Mens Mid Calf Dress Socks

    Mens mid calf dress socks are soft and comfortable. They are not for light business, but to make your way light-footed through everyday business. Our mens mid calf dress socks are designed specially for men, so the color may be dark which shows your mature and steady quality....
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  • Mens Cool Mid Calf Socks

    Mens cool mid calf socks are made of comfortable and breathable cotton. The cuffs are widened which not only makes mens cool mid calf socks fashionable but also prevent slipping off. Mens cool mid calf socks use only one dark color to give you a sense of calm. The machines we...
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