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Casual Socks

Casual socks refer to the socks you wear in some casual occasions.  Because people can wear whatever they want in casual occasions, casual socks include a very wide range. At the basis of length, casual socks can be divided into stockings, mid-calf socks, ankle socks and invisible socks; according to the targets who wear the socks, can be divided into men’s socks, women’s socks and kids’ socks.


The casual socks sold on the market are mainly made of chemical fiber (nylon, polyester, spandex, acrylic, etc ) , cotton, wool, silk and so on. In winter, you’d better choose nylon socks and terry socks. Silk socks are better for summer. As for spring and autumn, mesh socks and elastic socks are suitable. In addition, cotton and bamboo socks suit for those with stinking feet for they are breathable and can effectively prevent the smell of the feet.


A good socks factory is usually equipped with advanced equipment, excellent technology, well-selected raw material, and stable quality of socks. It can be shown on the appearance of the socks: the fabric is homogeneous in density, thick in thickness, unadulterated in color and shaped well. That is just how we require ourselves.

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