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Business Socks

Business socks, generally speaking, refer to the socks that men/women wear in business, office and other formal occasions. 

The material determines the comfort and the appearance of business socks. Good business socks should have a natural fiber content of more than 60%, natural fibers including cotton, hemp and mulberry silk. At present, the main material of high grade business socks at home and abroad is mercerized cotton.


The color of business socks is the key which should be monochrome and not transparent. The best color of business socks is between trousers and leather shoes, that is, darker than trousers and lighter than leather shoes. Regular business socks must be pure, that is: with just one color, no jacquard, printing or other patterns on the socks. This is because the pure color of business socks can best highlight the formal, serious sense. But in daily life, you can also choose a pair of business socks with simple jacquard or embroidery to show your personality. But remember to avoid being too fancy.


The height standard of business socks: the skin of the leg can not be exposed when you sit down or place one leg on the other leg. In principle, business socks should cover possible exposed leg skin. Never wear ankle-high socks.

Women also have business socks. Different from men’s, women's business socks are mainly black stockings and flesh-colored stockings. Colors are usually chosen according to the color and style of the costume. A pair of black or flesh-colored stockings is also often a must-have for successful ladies. 

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